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SplitFix™ - Split-End Trimmer

SplitFix™ - Split-End Trimmer

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Say Goodbye To Split Ends Forever!

The SplitFix™ features innovative technology that cuts split ends without sacrificing inches of length. It provides the same outcome as salon-quality hair that looks and feels soft, smooth, and healthy!

Safe and Easy To Use

For safety, hair is guided through strand guards. The rotating plastic paddle singles out the split ends that bend upward and are cut 1/4th inch by the stationary blades. With the correct amount of hair being run through the device, this ensures your hair is safe from pulling or getting caught.

Works With All Hair Types 

For the best results use only on dry hair. For curly and textured hair, it is recommended to brush out and flat iron any curls. This ensures only the split ends are cut off leaving you with your full length of softer, smoother, healthier hair. Continue to use every 4-6 weeks and adjust according to hair type and personal preference. 

Salon Quality Softer, Smoother, Healthier Hair!

Our SplitFix™ has been praised by certified hair stylists as a tool designed for cosmetologists. As a result, you will be left with hair that looks and feels softer, smoother, and healthier!

Save Time and Money

Goodbye, time-consuming hair care routines or costly salon visits for your trim. Hello to more of the things you care about. 

Make Your Hair Care Routine Faster and Easier

Expedite your hair care routine and order now! Have questions? We have answers, feel free to contact us!

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