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Pack-it Pouch™ Pull-String Beauty Bag

Pack-it Pouch™ Pull-String Beauty Bag

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Tired of digging through your makeup collection just to find that one lipstick?

With the Pack-it Pouch™ say goodbye to wasted time searching for makeup and to the struggles of zipping up a full makeup bag!

Fast and Easy

No more searching, this bag lays open flat allowing you to see everything at a glance! Additionally, keep your makeup from rolling off of countertops when contained within this bag!

Perfect for Travel 

Pack it and go! Just as easy as it is to open flat, pack it and go just as fast! The small compact design makes this pouch easy to travel with!

An Intuitive Design for Containment

The velcro cover prevents items from falling out of the sinched-up opening, making this product a no-brainer when compared to other product designs!

Machine Washable

Our pouch has a waterproof coating and is also machine washable so you can keep your makeup bag looking new!

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