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Art Storage Frame™

Art Storage Frame™

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Want to Neatly Store and Display Your Child's Art in One Place?

Our Art Storage Frame™ stores up to 150 pages of printer paper. Neatly store and preserve your artist's work while our frames elevate the perceived value of your child's hard work allowing them to feel good seeing it on display!

Choose which Art Piece to Display

You finally have a tidy and safe place to store art with our Art Storage Frame™! Secure art behind the elastic bands in the frame and display a piece in front of the elastic bands! 

Cleaner Look

Not only does our frame neatly organize art in a single place, but it also allows you to display your child's art in style. No need to fill up the fridge or a drawer when you can display art in our classic frame!

Create a Portfolio

Create a portfolio for your child with their art that they can look back on and use again!

Storage Frame

 Closes securely with a built-in magnet. Stores up to 150 sheets of printer paper! The Art Storage Frame is 12.59in x 9.4in x 1.14in easily fitting A4 standard printing paper.


Makes a Great Gift

Our frames make a perfect gift for all ages with art to showcase. With upcoming and in-progress school there has never been a better time to get your Art Storage Frame™!

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